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4/13 -- LFPTA Clothing Drive Dropoff from 9am to 1pm in the Memorial Loop

4/18 -- Board of Education Regular Meeting at 7:00pm

4/18 -- Family Fun "Knight"

4/22-4/26 -- Schools Closed

5/17 & 5/18 -- 2024 Production of "Peter Pan and Wendy, the Musical"

Tickets are $10 each. Click on the Links below to order tickets

Friday May 17th 6:30pm - Performance 1

Saturday May 18th 10:30am - Performance 2

Earthquake Update from Superintendent Perrapato

I want to provide a few important reminders and information. As you know, last week brought a small earthquake to our region. Luckily, this event did not cause any damage to our schools or properties. However, I do want to take this opportunity to outline our procedures moving forward should an event like this occur in the future while we are in school.

When emergency weather and natural disaster events like this occur, I want to assure you first and foremost, that we are in direct communication with the Little Ferry Police Department and other emergency services who provide us with information and guidance. As you know, we practice many types of emergency drills in our schools and we currently have a Severe Weather and School Disaster Plan that we will be working to update to include specific earthquake procedures. In the meantime, in case of “shaking,” or if there is an earthquake alert, staff and students will be directed to or staff can act independently and follow the FEMA basic earthquake shaking safety protocol of Drop, Cover and Hold On. Guidance can be found HERE from the State of New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

How to correctly perform Drop, Cover, and Hold On if you are indoors includes calmly lowering yourself or dropping to the floor (to prevent falling), making yourself as small a target as possible, and protecting your head, neck and chest by taking cover under a sturdy desk or table (if available) or near an interior wall, covering your head your hands and arms and holding on to maintain cover during shaking.

Teachers, students, and staff will then listen for further instructions from school administrators and will follow school evacuation procedures, if an evacuation is deemed necessary. As like in other emergencies, communication to our families would occur through our school messaging system. These procedures will be further reviewed at upcoming meetings and may be subject to change as information is shared with the District from various agencies.

While we all hope this type of event never occurs again, we will continue to be proactive in regards to ensuring the safety of our staff and students. Some additional basic tips for our staff and families on how to Stay Safe During an Earthquake can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for Natural Disasters and Severe Weather. Additional information can also be found on FEMA Earthquake Preparedness.

As always please contact the school if you have any questions.

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