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Welcome to the 2014-15 School Year!

When someone wrote the lyrics, “Roll
out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer,” he definitely wasn’t referring to
summer in a typical school district.  Many think of graduation as the end of something, but it’s actually the beginning of an important time for many stakeholders in our school buildings. Classrooms are being updated; floors are being polished; and new instructional supplies and materials are being delivered on a daily basis. This is also the ideal time for us to pause and look back to assess our amazing accomplishments while identifying keys areas that we can improve going forward. We use our time over the summer as an opportunity to continue to refine our educational goals as a community. 

Our 2013-2014 School Year can be summarized as the successful implementation of new initiatives that are
enriching our curriculum at all levels.
Whether providing hands-on learning experiences or nurturing students of
strong character and notable citizenship, Little Ferry School District is giving new meaning to the term “comprehensive education.” Students are actively engaged in learning 24/7 through access to technology and digital learning materials that bring unlimited opportunities. 

Our efforts to develop new knowledge and skills are not only focused on our students. We are striving to create an educational
community focused on lifelong learning. Our professional staff members are
challenging themselves by accepting new roles, new technologies, new strategies, and new evaluations. As a result, Little Ferry School District is personalizing learning to help each child build on strengths and overcome challenges. We are not implementing change because our schools are not good. We are transforming education in our district because we deeply believe our schools will be excellent. This goal is only achievable because of the deep
commitment of our educational professionals who are changing with the times to prepare our graduates for the rigors of college and careers in a tomorrow we can’t even imagine. 

As we approach mid July, we are in the process of looking ahead and developing new goals for the 2014-2015 School Year.

These will focus on:
Improving the performance of all student subgroups on NJASK in Language Arts and Math.

Enhancing the partnership between home and school to improve student attendance.
Increasing the participation of students in higher level mathematics classes, such as algebra to improve college and career readiness.
Maximizing the power of amazing new technologies to personalize learning to enable all students to exceed.

Raising the effectiveness of educators at all levels through the full implementation of new principal and teacher evaluation systems.
Improving communication among school leaders, parents, and the community through the expanded use of our web site and district newsletters to keep the community abreast of progress and important issues. 

As we work to achieve these challenging goals, I thank you in advance for your support and partnership. I’ve said it before and I will say it many times in the future as we work to provide the best education for every Little Ferry student, you are the most important part of our educational team. 

The greatest measure of the success of any district is the strength of the relationships that exists between children and caring adults. In Little Ferry District, the most important adult in the educational process is you - our dedicated parents and guardians who serve as our student’s first teachers and we know how hard you work. Therefore, please accept my sincere wish that if the remainder of your summer cannot be “lazy,” I hope that some portion of it is restful and filled with the joy and peace that extra time with family brings. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you for another exciting school year and know we have much to accomplish together!



Dr. Mark Hayes

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Dr. Mark Hayes - Interim Superintendent

Last Modified on July 10, 2014