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Thank you, whole heartedly, for welcoming  me back to the Little Ferry School District. Despite the fact that I’ve served as the Superintendent before, I guarantee you that I am approaching my role as school leader with all of the enthusiasm and passion I would demonstrate as if it were my first year.  This is the case because my time away from the district has only served to confirm that Little Ferry is wholly unique in how the community pulls together to strongly demonstrate how much you value education.  Every day away from Little Ferry School District reminded me of how exceptional and distinctive the stakeholders of this district are in terms of advocating for children.

As we begin the 2015-2016 school year, it’s my intention to lead the district to academic excellence utilizing all of the new amazing technologies available to teachers on a daily basis.  SMART boards, laptops, tablets, 24/7 high-speed Internet, and the ed-connect instructional system could all be combined to personalize learning to address the individual needs of every student

While student growth was excellent over the past few years, we have still fallen short in our goal of ensuring that all student subgroups attain target achievements in English Language Arts and Math on standardized assessments.  Through the upcoming year, the Board of Education and I will ensure our teachers have the training and resources needed to better prepare students for the trials of PARCC and Common Core Standards.  We will need your partnership to address the challenges we face to ensure the children of Little Ferry are prepared for the rigors of college and careers in the 21st Century.

As we help each student take important steps along this amazing journey of self-discovery, we do it as a team.  Since we share a history of accomplishments we are not facing tomorrow’s challenges as rookies, but as All Stars! Together, our record documents that when we work together, there is no obstacle or opponent that will keep us from victory.  For us, that victory is clearly defined: developing prosperous citizens of the high character dedicated to lifelong learning.

Mr. Frank R. Scarafile
Superintendent of Schools

Frank Scarafile - Superintendent

Last Modified on September 3, 2015