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Memorial Middle School has a rigorous curriculum and an outstanding group of dedicated teachers to provide its students with exceptional learning opportunities. Our wonderful staff provides a personal learning environment for our students and maximizes their learning potential through the use of differentiated strategies.
Memorial Middle School exemplifies an effective school with dedication to continuous improvement through advanced instructional strategies, techniques and materials; a skilled and energetic staff; a clean and safe facility; and the support of the community, with a positive attitude toward learning and life.

We the staff at Memorial Middle School pledge ourselves to these basic principles. 


  1. We  believe that all children can and will succeed.
  2. Collaborative teams will work cooperatively to make decisions that reflect the best interests of home/school community.
  3. We will teach using differentiated strategies for successful development.
  4. We will demonstrate our dedication to continuous improvement.
  5. We  will create a positive environment that will recognize and respect the various cultural, intellectual, and social differences among the members of the school community.
  6. We  will provide an effective and innovative program that is sufficiently creative and flexible to maximize each child's capabilities.
  7. We  will encourage development of the whole child including academic mastery, physical fitness, and
What makes Memorial Middle School a special place? The answer is simple; it's the children, teachers, parents, and the support of the community. We are all very lucky to be members of a team that makes student success its top priority. I am honored to be a part of that team. I look forward to working with our teachers, and parents to provide our students with positive learning opportunities that encourage student achievement. I welcome you to join me in this process and to get involved in your child’s education.  


Mr. Robert Porfido


Memorial Middle School

    Robert Porfido - Middle School Principal  

Last Modified on May 13, 2015